Friday, 23 May 2014


Hi, I'm Emily and I'm addicted to YouTube vlogs and hauls...PLEASE HELP ME!

Its true, I am obsessed with watching girls talk about fashion, lifestyle or just their opinions on certain subjects! I simply find it so interesting as I feel I relate to them. I am generally a nosy person so I love hearing about their day to day lives and how its so different to mine since most of them are 'You Tube famous'. I would find myself checking their channels everyday in hope they have uploaded a new video (sad I know). But it's the concept of being able to confine in them and just watch in utter awe of their life and fashion style. 

My all time favorite has to be ThePersianBabe, I have watched her channel for a couple of years now and they are on point every time. Her fashion is just impeccable and I feel satisfied when she shows an item that I have already purchased.  I get alot of my style ideas from this woman as she understands understated fashion however allowing the odd exception. Like myself Barbara suffered from Acne, you would never know as her skin always looks perfect on camera, so I love knowing what skin care products she uses and her views on make-up. So whenever I need style advice for the upcoming season this is my first port of call. 

A new comer into my You Tube obsession is Hannah Maggs, you just have to watch the 'Draw My Life' Video and it melts your heart. She has one of those voices that you want to listen to all the time. Hannah has recently given birth to a baby boy and has shared her pregnancy through You Tube. Although I am at no stage in my life to want a family of my own her life seems so exciting and I love how perfect her little family is. Hannah is also a professional make-up artist and a blogger! 

Lastly, is a massive successful Zoella, most of you have probably heard of her by now being a You Tube sensation. Due to her fame she is able to travel the world on meet & greets and appearances, when she does her camera is always by her side! She has also appered on magazines such as Teen Vogue and on the front cover of Company magazine #crazy! Zoella also posts collaborations with other fellow You Tubers where they perform crazy videos together, as well as fashion hauls and tutorials to help you achieve her fab looks. 

So go check them out and subscribe to these budding You Tubers as I'm sure they will be utterly thrilled!
Be warned!!!...their videos are highly addictive. 
Much Love
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