Thursday, 7 August 2014

BENEFIT They're Real Mascara & Liner.

I suffer from panda eyes, I don't why and sometimes I question why me? but I do. It's when your mascara doesn't stay on your eyes throughout the day and smudges underneath. No matter what mascara I use It always seems to happen! This is when I thought The Benefit They're real mascara would change my life. No more checking in the mirror every half hour, no more reapplying mascara in the day & no more smudgyness! HURRAY!

 I couldn't be more wrong....

I brought this mascara from my local store after reading many reviews and recommendations there was a massive hype. I usually buy high-street branded mascara and believed this was the cause of the smudging underneath the eyes therefore I decided to pay a little more and go for an high-end product. The mascara itself it amazing, my eyelashes looked this and non-clumpy. The extension was incredible and the wand is brilliant for getting those tricky individual lashes however IT STILL MANAGED TO SMUDGE!! I am so disappointed as this was the reason I brought the mascara and its failed. The packaging indicates that 100% people saw long wearing results so you can see why I thought this mascara was going to save me! This was supposed to be the 'UKs NUMBER 1 MASCARA' and it didn't even perform to its 'high standards'
I don't know what to do now...I have lost all hope in mascaras and feel this was the last straw!
Anyway enough about the mascara...
As it came in this 'The Real Steal' package which includes the mascara, a travel sized eyeliner and a sachet of make up remover all for the same price as the mascara on it's own. I am yet to try the eyeliner as I only wear it when going out. However I did test It on my hand and the staying power was incredible, It did not budge at all! On the other hand it did come out quite clumpy! After reading reviews I think this is an Marmite product, you either love it or you hate it and does take a little practice.
The small sachet of make-up remover I don't wanna use yet. I think it's the perfect travel size or if your going to a festival then it would be great for that so I'm in a rush to use the remover. 

If anyone could recommend a good mascara to use

many thanks, 
Em x

Thursday, 31 July 2014


My dad recently attended an body shop meeting which he was kindly given an Body Shop goody bag! (YAY!!) so I thought I would put this to good use and review the products. I love Body Shop products as they do exactly what they say on the tin and smell as you would expect them to smell. You can get smells like strawberry or mango so you know what the sent is going to be and find one to match your preference or an food you enjoy. I also find that the scents last all day which I love!

So the goody bag is an simple 'organically grown' cotton Bag For Life. The quality of it is great an I know I will be using this for other thing such as a beach bag or book bag.

Inside contained 7 different beautiful items so lets begin.

1. Hair Chalk
I have always wanted to try this as for as long as I can remember have always wanted pink hair. This summer multi-coloured strands of hair are a big fashion craze and has been seen on many celebrities such as Pixie Lott. Unfortunately I haven't tried this yet as I work in a business that doesn't allow bright colour hair and I don't want it to stain. I have heard many good reviews about this product and have seen it advertised many times in magazines. The consistency is very smooth and it doesn't crumble or leave this residue. I cannot wait to try it for myself hopefully when I go away in September. 

2. Vitamin E Cool BB Cream
While I was on holiday last year I brought an Garnier BB cream and we didn't get on will. I felt that it made my skin really oily and greasy therefore causing breakouts. I don't have an even skin tone and hate not wearing make up in public however I don't want to wear foundation while aboard as I feel that also caused breakout as your pours are more open due to the blistering heat. Clogging them with foundation isn't a good idea. This BB cream contains an cooling agent with is ideal for cooling the skin in high temperatures. Even when putting this on your hand you can feel the coolness kicking in! It also boasts of 12hr 'quenching moisture and protecting' However there is no indication that this product contains an SPF :(

3. Brazil Body Mist
I love the smell of coconut especially in the summer, it reminds me of holidays and tan. Adding this with the coconut scent enhances the nuttyness and that earthy sweet smell. This also contains Fair Trade essence from sugarcane. This is a glass bottle and is very heavy so I wouldn't recommend taking it out in the day however the fragrance does stay on for quite a while so I doubt a top up would be needed throughout the day.

5. Olive Body Shower Gel
This is a small bottle and idea for weekend trips away. I have only ever smelt olive products when I've been on holiday go Greece. Over there they grow and produce the olives in natural state, they also create anything you can image out of the stuff and they believe it is so good for the body. I have tried most of the Body Shop shower gels and they not only smell amazing but it lingers on the skin for a long time! They also foam up really nicely (which I believe is a must for a good shower). You can always tell when you've washed with an Body Shop shower gel.

4. Hemp Hand Protector
I don't really like the smell of this product but the constancy and the texture is amazing. I used to have the rose version of this in a smaller tube and loved it. It's really handy for putting in your handbag and once applied gets deep into the dry areas. I love the size of this tube and the metal container means you can squeeze and roll out all of the product.

5. Honeymania Body Butter
This smells AMAZING, it's such a warm smelling fragrance and once again smells exactly of what it says on the tin. The consistency of this is a thick cream however once melted/rubbed into the skin it dissolves effortlessly. This is the perfect size for traveling and fits in the bag with no worries.

7. Born Lippy Lip Balm
Personally I prefer the lip butters as I don't feel they are are as oily and they are a little thicker on the lip. However I always think it essential to carry one of these around. I like the small tub as once you've used the product you could use it for carrying around earrings or rings so they don't get lost in your bag. Once again, the sent is incredible!!

So that concludes the Body Shop Bag. I hope this has helped you in some way & If you buy anything from this blogpost then I would definitely recommend the hair chalk as I know this is going to be a big summer hit & am very excited to use it!

Many Thanks,
Em x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I brought these shorts a couple of months ago when I saw ASOS posted a picture of them on Instagram I instantly fell in love and knew they had to be purchased for the summer! I ordered an size 8 and found them a little too big as I wanted them to be slightly high-waisted, therefore I sent them back and requested a 6 (which I am not!) and found these to be a tad too big so I opted for an size 4 (which I am definitely not!). This size did fit but they kept rising up my legs and once I put my hand in the pocket the stitching ripped. (I have to say ASOS were efficient and thorough throughout the back and forth posting) So once again I sent them back and opted for an 6. They do rise a little between the legs as I think there is too much material and they are a little bit too short.

In England we are still waiting for those 'hot' summer days to arrive so I have only been able to wear these shorts twice. I have been thinking of ways to wear them and have taken some inspiration from the Instagram image posted by ASOS!




Much love,
Em x

Monday, 30 June 2014


I am currently trying to refresh my wardrobe and will be selling most of my clothes hopefully at the beginning of July when I have a little bit more time. My love of monochrome has never changed and I believe black and white is a colour to match anyone's skin tone & style! I am fed up with investing in certain items of clothing for them to go out of trend within the next couple of weeks. It's such a pain! So from now on I am sticking to basics and accessorizing with colour and pattern.
My monochrome wardrobe basics:(please click on images to link)

First thing first...A good pair of jeans! Now I know these aren't monochrome but jeans go with anything & everything so its fine. They are a fashion must have and depending on you body shape or preferred fit they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! (so no excuses for not owning a pair ladies). From dressing up to dressing down, through the years jeans have always been a go to item. Currently the must have style of SS14 is a pair of ripped jeans, either boyfriend fit or skinny..the worlds your oyster! You could even make your own & create as may rips as your heart desires. I don't like my rips too 'holey' and 'gapey' therefore I have opted for these...
(and I have never looked back!)


My next item has to be basic tees, now I wasn't a fan of a plain t-shirts purely because I considered them to be grown up, boring and thought they wouldn't look right on me (I know silly how a simple t-shirt wouldn't look right on someone) But I honestly believe that the basic tee has been developed and restyled into a casual, understated versatile item with the use of soft quality fabrics. I love the ones from H&M since they have included a scoop bottom hem which adds curves and elongates the legs, aswell as a small pocket which prevents the top from looking too plain!


A staple jacket is also at the top of the list & this is where I would be a little bit more adventurous with fabrics and textures. I don't usually wear long jackets as I am quite short however I made an aception for this TOPSHOP number. I love the pattern of this duster jacket and since it is black and white it is great for any season. The raised texture adds a different dimension and gives an luxurious feel. The cute collar curves around the top of the collarbone giving a sleek, 'fashioneasta' feel when wearing it.  However I did buy this jacket in the sale for only £20.00 but had to get it in a size 12 so it's very oversized (I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing) either way..I love it!


Another on-point jacket is a black leather, wear day or night this jacket has been a staple for the past year and adds a edgy look to any outfit. Biker jackets have been reformed into various colours and styles to fit trends however I believe a black biker will never let you down! It can be thrown over anything for any occasion and the smooth leather texture just adds something different to an simple dull outfit. 


In my eyes a wardrobe would not be complete without some stripes..enough said.


Now for the shoes, my SS14 go to shoe are these holographic slip ons. Recommenced by a fellow friend and fashion blogger GLAMOUR DUCHESS since we were searching high and low for a pair of pumps that would go with everything & I think we found them. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but they look so good with tanned ankles and jeans and due to the vast amount of colours in the holographic material they will go with everything! I originally wanted the ASOS ones but found these from OFFICE for £20.00. They are reasonably comfortable however did need to be worn in first..I guess so does any shoes. Right? 


So that's just a little bit of an inside into what I have been buying for my new basic wardrobe.
Much love, 
Em x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I love looking at the 'just arrived' section of the Topshop website. Once a week I check out what is new and what I can afford, although I literally want everything! So instead of buying it all and watching my money disappear I thought I would show you my wish list. This will allow readers to find out what is new and available right now as well as showing you what I would buy, how I would wear it and what occasion I would it them for.
The items picked are all from the 'just arrived' section of the Topshop website.
So lets get started...

I love a skort and a playsuit so when I saw this I instantly fell in love however the yellow isn't really my taste being a monochrome girl. They do come in a range of colours & patterns so there is plenty to choose from. The fit of this playsuit look divine, the seam is around the smallest part of the waist which gives the illusion of a smaller frame and curvier body shape. The small 'v' near the bust adds just enough detail around the chest and mimics the 'v' of the collarbone. Very simplistic yet extremely flattering. 
The structured bodist and pleated skort makes the playsuit look very formfitting and tailored. The two panells overlapping the shorts will prevent any lumps and bumps from being exposed. This style will skim over any unflattering thighs (like mine) & look effortless. I love the idea of shorts since I always worry about revealing my knickers or showing too much leg. I feel that a short provides that feeling of security. I would wear this playskort (as I like to call it) either to a wedding with very minimalist accessories or to an evening dinner with the boyfriend with a blazer or leather jacket.

My second new in buy would be these silver/pearl pump skater shoes. These are so on trend at the moment and you can literally buy them from anywhere with a wide range of patterns! I love a good silver shoe as they literally go with everything & look so good with denim and a white tee! These are very causal shoes so I would wear them with ripped mom jeans, white tee, checked shirt around the waist & a leather jacket.

My last 'must have' item of the week is this gorgeous white blazer! Shockingly I don't own any blazer, I don't know why, might be because I think they are more office wear than casual wear but I have loved seeing fashion bloggers style blazers with casual mom jeans and a crop top! I am so into white at the moment but I am a very clumsy person and I know I will get this jacket stained unless I am EXTRA careful! I love how Topshop have also styled this jacket with a stripe top, it just makes the outfit look classy and French style. You cannot beat monochrome and I know this jacket will be a staple in the wardrobe for a long time!

Happy shopping,
Much love
Em x

Saturday, 31 May 2014


When I first saw the ripped jean trend I wasn't too impressed, mainly because I would have to fake tan my legs whenever I wanted to wear them but secondly because I thought they were a little chavy and dated.
However they have been reborn into something that's become quite the must have for SS14. I believe that Kim Kardashian is the one to blame as she looks absolutely fantastic and makes them look effortlessly certificated.


Due to not being an original fan of this style I decided to go from something a little more understated with less rips and more coverage. This is when I found my beloved Topshop jeans (MOTO AUTHENTIC). I've seen these jeans alot on fashion bloggers and knew they were a must have for this season. When I first saw them I knew they were the ones, not only because I am a massive fan of the Topshop jeans but because the rips were just what I wanted. I'm personally not a huge lover of my legs, especially without fake tan, so I wanted a pair that didn't show too much flesh. This is where the Topshop jeans made my day, because of the way they have been ripped the white tone/strands of the jean are still visible therefore preventing any skin seepage.

I think these jeans are going to look super cute in the summer with a skimpy strappy crop top as these jeans are slightly high-waisted. They will also look unbelievable with little sandal heels and a blazer for the evening. 

Heres Shirley showing off her Topshop Moto jeans! Looking gorgeous! 

Here are so more ways to style minimal ripped jeans & If you haven't got a pair for SS14 then I suggest you start looking now! 





Much Love, 
Em x

Monday, 26 May 2014


Here are my beauty musts for an (half-decent) complexion - If I do say so myself!
I have suffered from Acne and as a result have been left with scars, not great I know but its better than having a face full of spots. I have tried many products to get my skin to look clear but resorted to medical help 5 years ago when I went on a course of Roaccutane
 for 6 months. This cleared up my skin but not completely. As I've got older and hormones have settled down my skin is a looking pretty good but like everyone else I still get the odd spot. 
This simple face wash I purchased recently is amazing, I have tried every single face wash me! This one has small micro balls that exfoliate the skin but not loads that it's classed as a scrub. Just enough to remove the odd rough patches of dry dead skin. In a matter of three days my skin was looking alot clearer thanks to this product. 
Next is the La Roche Posay effaclar duo(+), I saw alot of You Tube posts about this product and was reluctant to use it at £15 a tube but thought I'd give it ago due to the high reviews. At first I was a little disappointed with this product, it didn't seem to do anything and hardly touch the surface. After around two weeks I did notice some improvement. I still wouldn't say it was amazing or changed my life but Its a nice product and smells like washing up liquid/clean lol. I tend to use this more as an primer before putting on my foundation to protect my skin.
For the perfect foundation base I use Estee Lauder Double Wear. This has quite a high coverage but you just need to put on a little to give an perfect canvas. This product is also waterproof and has an SPF so it's great to take on holiday!
I sometimes mix this with Benefit High Beam Highlighter to give an all over glow instead of an matt finish. 
You always need an great concealer to cover those tough areas and the lasting collection one is ace and a great price however I do find myself touching up again after a couple of hours. 
Another must Is an good bronzer, I think tanned skin make you look so much more healthier and glowing. Plus this is great for enhancing cheek bones! Bonjour Paris Chocolate bronzer smells great (but not of chocolate) and is fairly matt. The packaging is great too as its long lasting and seals tight, I was slightly worried as its made of hard cardboard. 
Next is the Benefit Girl meets Pearl, this is the perfect highlighter! I like the fact it is an liquid as it glides on smoothly. The colour is so pretty, its like an bronzed highlight. I've had this product for two years and it still hasn't run out. YET!
Lastly is my Estee Lauder blush in Electric Pink! Its an perfect colour however it is very pigmented so you don't need much! This is good as it will last for ages! You just need to tap you brush into the powder. I think (especially in the summer) you need that flushed rosey cheek that makes you look natural and glowing from the summer sun.
Hope some of these products help & I'm not saying they will work for everyone.
Much Love
Em x

OOTD: 25/05/2014.

Here's my first outfit of the day...
Was a tad nervous about doing this as I know I don't have the most flattering body to photograph but everyone else seems to be doing it so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. This is something I would wear on a day-to-day basis. The outfit is very casual and basic, I like this idea as you can wear it day or night - with the add of some high heel shoes. I love the purity and freshness of a white shirt with denim jeans however I do find with this shirt from H&M that is creases loads!! I don't usually wear white because I always manage to get foundation stains or take tan all over it (boo!) but I've become more careful when putting on whites! The shirt is made out of an white silk like material which has an slight seen over it & it is collarless - Not just your average white shirt! Unfortunately I did purchase this in the sale a couple of weeks ago. Sorry guys! 

The Topshop jeans are definitely worth the money! At £40+ I did think they were a little pricey hence why it has took my so long to purchase a pair but now I know why they retail at this price! They are the most comfortable and well fitted pair of jeans I have ever owned! I literally wear them all the time and they don't bag at the knees or feel greasy. (I find that jeans can feel quite greasy when they haven't been washed after a couple of times..might just me me!lol) I now own three pairs of Topshop jeans and have another on the way! Best thing I have ever done is own a pair.


The jacket and watch were gifts from my boyfriend. I originally wanted the watch as an trail piece because I initially had my eyes on a Micheal Kors watch however, since I did not own a watch before I didn't want to spend alot of money on it if I didn't wear it. I wear this watch every day and it shows no signs of damage or longwear. I chose a black strap as I know black will always be in my wardrobe plus it matches my bag. They come in a variety of colours and you could even change the real leather strap colour at a later date! Might go for the mink next time. From 72 pounds you can't really go wrong & they look much more expensive. I went for the big dial design as I knew Micheal Kors watches were big. I have a tiny wrist and it fits me a treat, the watch face doesn't look too empowering and there are even enough buckle holes so I didn't have to make extras. Would highly recommend this product and retailer for an unique designs and impressive quality.

Much love 
Em x

Friday, 23 May 2014


Hi, I'm Emily and I'm addicted to YouTube vlogs and hauls...PLEASE HELP ME!

Its true, I am obsessed with watching girls talk about fashion, lifestyle or just their opinions on certain subjects! I simply find it so interesting as I feel I relate to them. I am generally a nosy person so I love hearing about their day to day lives and how its so different to mine since most of them are 'You Tube famous'. I would find myself checking their channels everyday in hope they have uploaded a new video (sad I know). But it's the concept of being able to confine in them and just watch in utter awe of their life and fashion style. 

My all time favorite has to be ThePersianBabe, I have watched her channel for a couple of years now and they are on point every time. Her fashion is just impeccable and I feel satisfied when she shows an item that I have already purchased.  I get alot of my style ideas from this woman as she understands understated fashion however allowing the odd exception. Like myself Barbara suffered from Acne, you would never know as her skin always looks perfect on camera, so I love knowing what skin care products she uses and her views on make-up. So whenever I need style advice for the upcoming season this is my first port of call. 

A new comer into my You Tube obsession is Hannah Maggs, you just have to watch the 'Draw My Life' Video and it melts your heart. She has one of those voices that you want to listen to all the time. Hannah has recently given birth to a baby boy and has shared her pregnancy through You Tube. Although I am at no stage in my life to want a family of my own her life seems so exciting and I love how perfect her little family is. Hannah is also a professional make-up artist and a blogger! 

Lastly, is a massive successful Zoella, most of you have probably heard of her by now being a You Tube sensation. Due to her fame she is able to travel the world on meet & greets and appearances, when she does her camera is always by her side! She has also appered on magazines such as Teen Vogue and on the front cover of Company magazine #crazy! Zoella also posts collaborations with other fellow You Tubers where they perform crazy videos together, as well as fashion hauls and tutorials to help you achieve her fab looks. 

So go check them out and subscribe to these budding You Tubers as I'm sure they will be utterly thrilled!
Be warned!!!...their videos are highly addictive. 
Much Love

Monday, 19 May 2014


I have found some really cute pieces from New Look recently. I don't usually shop there but occasionally I find some items that really catch my eye! I believe these are three essential items to have this summer and I am so glad I found them at a reasonable price. 
My absolute favorite has to be a the lemon slice clutch, not only because I love lemons but fruit bags are hot this summer! Due to being a monochrome lover I know that this clutch will add a splash of colour to any outfit and add a quirkey style. The fabrics used on this bag feels exceptional quality and really well made. The size is fantastic and can withhold alot of essential items, what a bonus!. 
This bag retails at £9.99, what a bargain for a statement accessory!

This is also been snapped up by much loved TOWIE member Lauren Pope who is also an fashion fanatic with an unique style! 

The stripped racer back vest top also featured in the image is an essential top for any wardrobe. Stripes are an timeless pattern and are a perfect match for denim. The racer back is also featured on the front and is flattering on the collarbone however you will need to wear a strapless bra or just tuck them in. The bottom of the top is styled to create an really flattering curve that also enhances your curves! You can wear this top oversized or body fitted, its entirely up to you!

The shoes, well where do I start! I have fallen head over heels for them! The simple white against the light brown cork makes them beach ready! The cleated sole is on point with fashion and due to the soft brown colour this isn't too extreme. I cannot wait to wear these with dark denim jeans however as they are white I will definitely need to tan my feet! 

Due to my current finds in New Look I will be shopping there alot more often in hope to find some other essential stylish Items for bargain prices! 
Thank you New Look!

 Love Em x

Saturday, 17 May 2014


In extension to my previous post I thought I'd show you guys so of the photos I look when I visited the Grenson factory. I used an Olympus 0M-2 35mm film camera and a black and white film. I love the authenticity a film photograph creates aswell as the old fashioned grain. Personally I just love black and white photographs, I just feel they contain so much depth and drama. The contrast of the black, white and grey tones allows the image to show its true content, like the colour is irrelevant. Its what the photograph is trying to show that matters after all. The grid format is used to show a rough process of how a shoe is made, I also think this looks neat and allows the photographs to have there own prominent space within the image.

Here we have two gentlemen performing a process called Clicking.

This is where they start to make the top part of the shoe (the bit that covers the toes, bridge of the foot and around the ankle) formally known as the upper. The clicking operative is issued with a number of skins of leather, mostly from cows, although other animal skins can be used. The most traditional method is the use of a metal strip knives. He/she will cut out various shaped pieces that will be sown together eventually make up the upper. This can also be done on a pressing machine that will allow cutters to be pushed into the fabric to create the shape however I do believe this is mostly done by hand at Grenson.

This is a very skilled job because the leather is very expensive (one of the most expensive available in the World) so waste must be kept to a minimum. Leather will have varying amounts of flaws on the surface such as barbed wire scratches, insect bites and scars. These need to be avoided as it may cause the leather to split, make two pairs of shoes look uneven or simply not comply to the standards. 
The two men photographed are professionals and have been working within the shoe trade for many years. 
Much love,
Em x

Friday, 16 May 2014

BOOT & SHOE - Grenson.

I live in a town known for its boot and shoe trade. Due to the popular demand back in the early 19th century in the industry's heyday there were over 40 boot and shoe factories in Rushden. Today, only a handful of these survive however most of the redundant factories have been converted into flats. 
 I went to visit the factories for an A-level photography course project in 2012. Since visiting three remaining factories I have learnt a lot about the old-fashioned production methods and tools involved to make British premium shoes. I feel these methods should be emphasized due to rise of mass production mainly from overseas. I have also been enlightened to the various designs and the craftsmanship put into these shoes which has fascinated me ever since.
In particular Grenson have thrived in the 20th Century due their traditional values and modern styling. You can buy Grensons from ASOS, Selfridges and Net-a-porter. They have also featured on the LFW catwalk with Giles Deacon in Mabel. The shoes were modeled by celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. #wow  

Since then I am now lucky enough to own a couple of pairs of Grensons and I absolutely adore them! After the leather has softened they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and the quality is just exceptional. Since visiting the factories you understand more about how the shoes are made therefore you appreciate their existence and the hard work put in to create these beautiful shoes. 

My favorite pair have to be the 'Emily' not only because we share the same name but they literally go with everything in my wardrobe. They are so comfortable due to the soft micro wedge sole - they actually feel like I'm walking on air. I love the monochrome contrast of the back shoe and the white sole, it just recreates any outfit and turns it into perfection. The old traditional brogue style shoe with the modern stylish sole is just design genius, the combination allows the shoe to be worn by any generation. This what makes Grenson an unique company, they add an modern twist on a classic therefore making the shoe an timeless item. 

'People always mention quality when they talk about Grenson. But they don’t buy shoes just for quality, they buy them because they love the design, and then the quality is a bonus.' - Tim Little. Creative Director