Friday, 16 May 2014

BOOT & SHOE - Grenson.

I live in a town known for its boot and shoe trade. Due to the popular demand back in the early 19th century in the industry's heyday there were over 40 boot and shoe factories in Rushden. Today, only a handful of these survive however most of the redundant factories have been converted into flats. 
 I went to visit the factories for an A-level photography course project in 2012. Since visiting three remaining factories I have learnt a lot about the old-fashioned production methods and tools involved to make British premium shoes. I feel these methods should be emphasized due to rise of mass production mainly from overseas. I have also been enlightened to the various designs and the craftsmanship put into these shoes which has fascinated me ever since.
In particular Grenson have thrived in the 20th Century due their traditional values and modern styling. You can buy Grensons from ASOS, Selfridges and Net-a-porter. They have also featured on the LFW catwalk with Giles Deacon in Mabel. The shoes were modeled by celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner. #wow  

Since then I am now lucky enough to own a couple of pairs of Grensons and I absolutely adore them! After the leather has softened they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned and the quality is just exceptional. Since visiting the factories you understand more about how the shoes are made therefore you appreciate their existence and the hard work put in to create these beautiful shoes. 

My favorite pair have to be the 'Emily' not only because we share the same name but they literally go with everything in my wardrobe. They are so comfortable due to the soft micro wedge sole - they actually feel like I'm walking on air. I love the monochrome contrast of the back shoe and the white sole, it just recreates any outfit and turns it into perfection. The old traditional brogue style shoe with the modern stylish sole is just design genius, the combination allows the shoe to be worn by any generation. This what makes Grenson an unique company, they add an modern twist on a classic therefore making the shoe an timeless item. 

'People always mention quality when they talk about Grenson. But they don’t buy shoes just for quality, they buy them because they love the design, and then the quality is a bonus.' - Tim Little. Creative Director

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