Monday, 30 June 2014


I am currently trying to refresh my wardrobe and will be selling most of my clothes hopefully at the beginning of July when I have a little bit more time. My love of monochrome has never changed and I believe black and white is a colour to match anyone's skin tone & style! I am fed up with investing in certain items of clothing for them to go out of trend within the next couple of weeks. It's such a pain! So from now on I am sticking to basics and accessorizing with colour and pattern.
My monochrome wardrobe basics:(please click on images to link)

First thing first...A good pair of jeans! Now I know these aren't monochrome but jeans go with anything & everything so its fine. They are a fashion must have and depending on you body shape or preferred fit they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! (so no excuses for not owning a pair ladies). From dressing up to dressing down, through the years jeans have always been a go to item. Currently the must have style of SS14 is a pair of ripped jeans, either boyfriend fit or skinny..the worlds your oyster! You could even make your own & create as may rips as your heart desires. I don't like my rips too 'holey' and 'gapey' therefore I have opted for these...
(and I have never looked back!)


My next item has to be basic tees, now I wasn't a fan of a plain t-shirts purely because I considered them to be grown up, boring and thought they wouldn't look right on me (I know silly how a simple t-shirt wouldn't look right on someone) But I honestly believe that the basic tee has been developed and restyled into a casual, understated versatile item with the use of soft quality fabrics. I love the ones from H&M since they have included a scoop bottom hem which adds curves and elongates the legs, aswell as a small pocket which prevents the top from looking too plain!


A staple jacket is also at the top of the list & this is where I would be a little bit more adventurous with fabrics and textures. I don't usually wear long jackets as I am quite short however I made an aception for this TOPSHOP number. I love the pattern of this duster jacket and since it is black and white it is great for any season. The raised texture adds a different dimension and gives an luxurious feel. The cute collar curves around the top of the collarbone giving a sleek, 'fashioneasta' feel when wearing it.  However I did buy this jacket in the sale for only £20.00 but had to get it in a size 12 so it's very oversized (I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing) either way..I love it!


Another on-point jacket is a black leather, wear day or night this jacket has been a staple for the past year and adds a edgy look to any outfit. Biker jackets have been reformed into various colours and styles to fit trends however I believe a black biker will never let you down! It can be thrown over anything for any occasion and the smooth leather texture just adds something different to an simple dull outfit. 


In my eyes a wardrobe would not be complete without some stripes..enough said.


Now for the shoes, my SS14 go to shoe are these holographic slip ons. Recommenced by a fellow friend and fashion blogger GLAMOUR DUCHESS since we were searching high and low for a pair of pumps that would go with everything & I think we found them. I know they aren't to everyone's taste but they look so good with tanned ankles and jeans and due to the vast amount of colours in the holographic material they will go with everything! I originally wanted the ASOS ones but found these from OFFICE for £20.00. They are reasonably comfortable however did need to be worn in first..I guess so does any shoes. Right? 


So that's just a little bit of an inside into what I have been buying for my new basic wardrobe.
Much love, 
Em x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I love looking at the 'just arrived' section of the Topshop website. Once a week I check out what is new and what I can afford, although I literally want everything! So instead of buying it all and watching my money disappear I thought I would show you my wish list. This will allow readers to find out what is new and available right now as well as showing you what I would buy, how I would wear it and what occasion I would it them for.
The items picked are all from the 'just arrived' section of the Topshop website.
So lets get started...

I love a skort and a playsuit so when I saw this I instantly fell in love however the yellow isn't really my taste being a monochrome girl. They do come in a range of colours & patterns so there is plenty to choose from. The fit of this playsuit look divine, the seam is around the smallest part of the waist which gives the illusion of a smaller frame and curvier body shape. The small 'v' near the bust adds just enough detail around the chest and mimics the 'v' of the collarbone. Very simplistic yet extremely flattering. 
The structured bodist and pleated skort makes the playsuit look very formfitting and tailored. The two panells overlapping the shorts will prevent any lumps and bumps from being exposed. This style will skim over any unflattering thighs (like mine) & look effortless. I love the idea of shorts since I always worry about revealing my knickers or showing too much leg. I feel that a short provides that feeling of security. I would wear this playskort (as I like to call it) either to a wedding with very minimalist accessories or to an evening dinner with the boyfriend with a blazer or leather jacket.

My second new in buy would be these silver/pearl pump skater shoes. These are so on trend at the moment and you can literally buy them from anywhere with a wide range of patterns! I love a good silver shoe as they literally go with everything & look so good with denim and a white tee! These are very causal shoes so I would wear them with ripped mom jeans, white tee, checked shirt around the waist & a leather jacket.

My last 'must have' item of the week is this gorgeous white blazer! Shockingly I don't own any blazer, I don't know why, might be because I think they are more office wear than casual wear but I have loved seeing fashion bloggers style blazers with casual mom jeans and a crop top! I am so into white at the moment but I am a very clumsy person and I know I will get this jacket stained unless I am EXTRA careful! I love how Topshop have also styled this jacket with a stripe top, it just makes the outfit look classy and French style. You cannot beat monochrome and I know this jacket will be a staple in the wardrobe for a long time!

Happy shopping,
Much love
Em x