Monday, 26 May 2014

OOTD: 25/05/2014.

Here's my first outfit of the day...
Was a tad nervous about doing this as I know I don't have the most flattering body to photograph but everyone else seems to be doing it so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. This is something I would wear on a day-to-day basis. The outfit is very casual and basic, I like this idea as you can wear it day or night - with the add of some high heel shoes. I love the purity and freshness of a white shirt with denim jeans however I do find with this shirt from H&M that is creases loads!! I don't usually wear white because I always manage to get foundation stains or take tan all over it (boo!) but I've become more careful when putting on whites! The shirt is made out of an white silk like material which has an slight seen over it & it is collarless - Not just your average white shirt! Unfortunately I did purchase this in the sale a couple of weeks ago. Sorry guys! 

The Topshop jeans are definitely worth the money! At £40+ I did think they were a little pricey hence why it has took my so long to purchase a pair but now I know why they retail at this price! They are the most comfortable and well fitted pair of jeans I have ever owned! I literally wear them all the time and they don't bag at the knees or feel greasy. (I find that jeans can feel quite greasy when they haven't been washed after a couple of times..might just me me!lol) I now own three pairs of Topshop jeans and have another on the way! Best thing I have ever done is own a pair.


The jacket and watch were gifts from my boyfriend. I originally wanted the watch as an trail piece because I initially had my eyes on a Micheal Kors watch however, since I did not own a watch before I didn't want to spend alot of money on it if I didn't wear it. I wear this watch every day and it shows no signs of damage or longwear. I chose a black strap as I know black will always be in my wardrobe plus it matches my bag. They come in a variety of colours and you could even change the real leather strap colour at a later date! Might go for the mink next time. From 72 pounds you can't really go wrong & they look much more expensive. I went for the big dial design as I knew Micheal Kors watches were big. I have a tiny wrist and it fits me a treat, the watch face doesn't look too empowering and there are even enough buckle holes so I didn't have to make extras. Would highly recommend this product and retailer for an unique designs and impressive quality.

Much love 
Em x

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