Monday, 26 May 2014


Here are my beauty musts for an (half-decent) complexion - If I do say so myself!
I have suffered from Acne and as a result have been left with scars, not great I know but its better than having a face full of spots. I have tried many products to get my skin to look clear but resorted to medical help 5 years ago when I went on a course of Roaccutane
 for 6 months. This cleared up my skin but not completely. As I've got older and hormones have settled down my skin is a looking pretty good but like everyone else I still get the odd spot. 
This simple face wash I purchased recently is amazing, I have tried every single face wash me! This one has small micro balls that exfoliate the skin but not loads that it's classed as a scrub. Just enough to remove the odd rough patches of dry dead skin. In a matter of three days my skin was looking alot clearer thanks to this product. 
Next is the La Roche Posay effaclar duo(+), I saw alot of You Tube posts about this product and was reluctant to use it at £15 a tube but thought I'd give it ago due to the high reviews. At first I was a little disappointed with this product, it didn't seem to do anything and hardly touch the surface. After around two weeks I did notice some improvement. I still wouldn't say it was amazing or changed my life but Its a nice product and smells like washing up liquid/clean lol. I tend to use this more as an primer before putting on my foundation to protect my skin.
For the perfect foundation base I use Estee Lauder Double Wear. This has quite a high coverage but you just need to put on a little to give an perfect canvas. This product is also waterproof and has an SPF so it's great to take on holiday!
I sometimes mix this with Benefit High Beam Highlighter to give an all over glow instead of an matt finish. 
You always need an great concealer to cover those tough areas and the lasting collection one is ace and a great price however I do find myself touching up again after a couple of hours. 
Another must Is an good bronzer, I think tanned skin make you look so much more healthier and glowing. Plus this is great for enhancing cheek bones! Bonjour Paris Chocolate bronzer smells great (but not of chocolate) and is fairly matt. The packaging is great too as its long lasting and seals tight, I was slightly worried as its made of hard cardboard. 
Next is the Benefit Girl meets Pearl, this is the perfect highlighter! I like the fact it is an liquid as it glides on smoothly. The colour is so pretty, its like an bronzed highlight. I've had this product for two years and it still hasn't run out. YET!
Lastly is my Estee Lauder blush in Electric Pink! Its an perfect colour however it is very pigmented so you don't need much! This is good as it will last for ages! You just need to tap you brush into the powder. I think (especially in the summer) you need that flushed rosey cheek that makes you look natural and glowing from the summer sun.
Hope some of these products help & I'm not saying they will work for everyone.
Much Love
Em x
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