Thursday, 7 August 2014

BENEFIT They're Real Mascara & Liner.

I suffer from panda eyes, I don't why and sometimes I question why me? but I do. It's when your mascara doesn't stay on your eyes throughout the day and smudges underneath. No matter what mascara I use It always seems to happen! This is when I thought The Benefit They're real mascara would change my life. No more checking in the mirror every half hour, no more reapplying mascara in the day & no more smudgyness! HURRAY!

 I couldn't be more wrong....

I brought this mascara from my local store after reading many reviews and recommendations there was a massive hype. I usually buy high-street branded mascara and believed this was the cause of the smudging underneath the eyes therefore I decided to pay a little more and go for an high-end product. The mascara itself it amazing, my eyelashes looked this and non-clumpy. The extension was incredible and the wand is brilliant for getting those tricky individual lashes however IT STILL MANAGED TO SMUDGE!! I am so disappointed as this was the reason I brought the mascara and its failed. The packaging indicates that 100% people saw long wearing results so you can see why I thought this mascara was going to save me! This was supposed to be the 'UKs NUMBER 1 MASCARA' and it didn't even perform to its 'high standards'
I don't know what to do now...I have lost all hope in mascaras and feel this was the last straw!
Anyway enough about the mascara...
As it came in this 'The Real Steal' package which includes the mascara, a travel sized eyeliner and a sachet of make up remover all for the same price as the mascara on it's own. I am yet to try the eyeliner as I only wear it when going out. However I did test It on my hand and the staying power was incredible, It did not budge at all! On the other hand it did come out quite clumpy! After reading reviews I think this is an Marmite product, you either love it or you hate it and does take a little practice.
The small sachet of make-up remover I don't wanna use yet. I think it's the perfect travel size or if your going to a festival then it would be great for that so I'm in a rush to use the remover. 

If anyone could recommend a good mascara to use

many thanks, 
Em x