Thursday, 31 July 2014


My dad recently attended an body shop meeting which he was kindly given an Body Shop goody bag! (YAY!!) so I thought I would put this to good use and review the products. I love Body Shop products as they do exactly what they say on the tin and smell as you would expect them to smell. You can get smells like strawberry or mango so you know what the sent is going to be and find one to match your preference or an food you enjoy. I also find that the scents last all day which I love!

So the goody bag is an simple 'organically grown' cotton Bag For Life. The quality of it is great an I know I will be using this for other thing such as a beach bag or book bag.

Inside contained 7 different beautiful items so lets begin.

1. Hair Chalk
I have always wanted to try this as for as long as I can remember have always wanted pink hair. This summer multi-coloured strands of hair are a big fashion craze and has been seen on many celebrities such as Pixie Lott. Unfortunately I haven't tried this yet as I work in a business that doesn't allow bright colour hair and I don't want it to stain. I have heard many good reviews about this product and have seen it advertised many times in magazines. The consistency is very smooth and it doesn't crumble or leave this residue. I cannot wait to try it for myself hopefully when I go away in September. 

2. Vitamin E Cool BB Cream
While I was on holiday last year I brought an Garnier BB cream and we didn't get on will. I felt that it made my skin really oily and greasy therefore causing breakouts. I don't have an even skin tone and hate not wearing make up in public however I don't want to wear foundation while aboard as I feel that also caused breakout as your pours are more open due to the blistering heat. Clogging them with foundation isn't a good idea. This BB cream contains an cooling agent with is ideal for cooling the skin in high temperatures. Even when putting this on your hand you can feel the coolness kicking in! It also boasts of 12hr 'quenching moisture and protecting' However there is no indication that this product contains an SPF :(

3. Brazil Body Mist
I love the smell of coconut especially in the summer, it reminds me of holidays and tan. Adding this with the coconut scent enhances the nuttyness and that earthy sweet smell. This also contains Fair Trade essence from sugarcane. This is a glass bottle and is very heavy so I wouldn't recommend taking it out in the day however the fragrance does stay on for quite a while so I doubt a top up would be needed throughout the day.

5. Olive Body Shower Gel
This is a small bottle and idea for weekend trips away. I have only ever smelt olive products when I've been on holiday go Greece. Over there they grow and produce the olives in natural state, they also create anything you can image out of the stuff and they believe it is so good for the body. I have tried most of the Body Shop shower gels and they not only smell amazing but it lingers on the skin for a long time! They also foam up really nicely (which I believe is a must for a good shower). You can always tell when you've washed with an Body Shop shower gel.

4. Hemp Hand Protector
I don't really like the smell of this product but the constancy and the texture is amazing. I used to have the rose version of this in a smaller tube and loved it. It's really handy for putting in your handbag and once applied gets deep into the dry areas. I love the size of this tube and the metal container means you can squeeze and roll out all of the product.

5. Honeymania Body Butter
This smells AMAZING, it's such a warm smelling fragrance and once again smells exactly of what it says on the tin. The consistency of this is a thick cream however once melted/rubbed into the skin it dissolves effortlessly. This is the perfect size for traveling and fits in the bag with no worries.

7. Born Lippy Lip Balm
Personally I prefer the lip butters as I don't feel they are are as oily and they are a little thicker on the lip. However I always think it essential to carry one of these around. I like the small tub as once you've used the product you could use it for carrying around earrings or rings so they don't get lost in your bag. Once again, the sent is incredible!!

So that concludes the Body Shop Bag. I hope this has helped you in some way & If you buy anything from this blogpost then I would definitely recommend the hair chalk as I know this is going to be a big summer hit & am very excited to use it!

Many Thanks,
Em x
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